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Conduct Grassroots Outreach to Connect with Customers

Not all customers have access to traditional media, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of your reach. With SproutLoud’s Local Community Outreach service, your local business partners can connect with customers right in their own neighborhoods. This makes it easier for your partners and community members to build lasting relationships.


Target Community Locations to Find New Customers

With our Local Community Outreach service, your partners can meet new customers face-to-face at places like neighborhood libraries, gyms, supermarkets, and religious institutions -- places that play a significant role in people’s daily lives. Our service gives your partners a prime opportunity to forge strong connections at the local level.  

Receive Guidance from a Local Marketing Coordinator

There are many ways to reach consumers locally, but your partners might need help in choosing the ones that are best for their community. Our local marketing coordinators provide your partners with personal consultation to find the most effective means of targeting prospective customers.

Reach Customers Through Multiple Tactics and Media Outlets

Our Local Community Outreach service allows your local partners to use a variety of tactics to target their communities. These include flyers, newsletters, and poster boards where consumers have great visibility. All of these tactics are brand-approved and can be customized for the needs of each partner’s unique market.