say “hello” to your new customers
A Cost-Effective Way to Build New Customer Relationships

Investing in acquisition email marketing is one of the best things you can do for your business -- and your budget. Not only do you acquire new customers, but you do so at a low cost and get a high ROI. Experian reports that every dollar you spend on email marketing yields an average ROI of $44.25. Our Acquisition Email service gives you the best bang for each buck you spend using email marketing to find new customers.


Send Customizable Emails to Targeted Customer Lists

With the Acquisition Email service, email recipients are chosen based on demographic characteristics that you select. This recipient list excludes those on your and your partners' customer and suppression lists. Your partners then send emails that they can customize with their logo, map, images, and other business information. Through our service, you can be sure that your partners are sending the right message to the right people.


Follow Up With Relevant Messages

When you’re emailing thousands of people to grow your customer base, it’s hard to keep up with who’s opening your emails and who isn’t. Our service lets you send multiple emails to the same recipients based on criteria you set. We make it easier for you to attract new customers by sending them relevant, personalized messages.


Pay Only For What You Send

Why pay more than you have to for email marketing? With our Acquisition Email service, your program cost depends on the number of email recipients your partners choose. No need to worry about additional fees! This makes our service a cost-effective way for your partners to acquire new customers.