Digital marketing isn’t easy, but it’s even trickier in the channel marketing world. You have to build your brand, but your local partners have to keep up their own businesses. How do you navigate such a challenge? You do it by reading this guide.
Co-Pay is the New Black
While effective in incentivizing your local partners, managing co-op funds can be a cumbersome process for many. The claims-based reimbursement process is too long. Now there is a faster, more effective way to distribute these funds and engage your partners.
hyperlocal marketing
Building a successful hyperlocal marketing program is not always easy to do. Learn the seven steps you need to create and maintain a program that increases your ROI, engages your channel partners, and builds your brand at the hyperlocal level.
increase channel partner engagement
Your Brand's marketing success is dependent on channel partner participation in local marketing programs. Create programs that drive high network adoption and utilization by your channel partners to produce higher return on your marketing investment.