Control Brand Image with an Online Marketing Center

Payment processing for credit, debit card, payroll and related processes is a vital service for retail and other business operations. Non-cash payments allow customers to purchase over $3 trillion of products and services each year. Payment processors facilitate these payments to ensure seamless and streamlined transactions.

The Challenge

Resource Management for Field Representatives

A payment processor with over 200 field representative employees servicing 160,000 U.S. merchants embarked on a major rebranding effort, requiring new marketing collateral and document management solutions to support their entire network. A previous solution provider relied on purchased software to manage online print management functions, and as a result provided weak technological support, a critical issue for the payment processor.

Their business needs included:

  • 24/7 Access – Field representatives across the country required secure but constant availability of legal forms, document templates, brand guidelines, logos and other materials for use in their home offices or out in the field.
  • Stipend Management – The payment processor needed a way to upload, assign and audit purchases and balances of an annual marketing stipend provided to each representative.
  • Reporting – The payment processor wanted to track and analyze marketing response to promotional campaigns in real-time.
The Solution

A Comprehensive Online Marketing Center

SproutLoud provided a secure, web-based platform to house all the payment processor’s digital assets and support their field representatives through a user-friendly, online marketing center:

  • Auto Login – Representatives could login to SproutLoud through their company intranet, complete with their own data and system permissions.The permission set ensured that each person only had access to the materials that related to their role and regional location.
  • Simplified Accounting – Using SproutLoud to manage stipend information directly online removed the laborious task of managing each account individually and reduced field calls on balances.
  • Reporting – The payment processor now could track the responses to their promotional messages and fine tune campaigns. Subscription reports were also scheduled to deliver via email automatically.
The Impact

With SproutLoud, the payment processor gained full control of its new branding efforts, allowing them to track which representatives had downloaded the newly branded material, thereby ensuring that the new brand was being used consistently. In addition, the system saved their accounting department more than 12 hours a month on administration and fielding representative’s questions

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