Have You Taken a Good Look at Your Facebook Insights?

A recent article in Mashable advised social media managers to make sure to serve content that was of interest to their audience. Basically, just not blindly pushing out content with no regard for who was receiving it.

Well, duh, that’s seems pretty obvious, right? I mean the first rule of marketing is to know your audience so you can craft a message that resonates. So we thought we’d take a deep dive into Facebook Insights just to see how we’re doing in terms of engagement. Hey, we write witty and interesting posts, right? This should be a home run.


It seems that the most shares, likes and comments are driven more by our “fun” content vs. our informative ones. That’s right, the inspirational quotes and pictures of our pets are more popular than the painstakingly created (not really) newsletter articles and blog posts.

So is that because our informative content isn't as good as we think it is? Or do people prefer to see cute pictures? I’d like to think the latter…but how to be sure?

The real ah-ha moment was in just conducting a quick review of the folks who follow us, and therefore had the greatest chance of seeing our posts. Turns out that we have a lot that are friends and family. Bingo! So while we were creating good, informative content, some of our current fans were more personal than business relationships.

The takeaway: we’ll continue to create both informative and fun content, but we’ll also ramp up building our network with more business-related followers.





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Deb Griffith, Director of Marketing
Deb Griffith has traveled the country promoting everything from alcohol and tobacco to flowers and soda. A born marketer who has survived the transition from old-school marketing to the new digital media world, she was delighted to discover she had been a secret tech-nerd all along. As a 20-year marketing veteran, she has worked in the retail banking, wireless telephone, floral, consumer product and personal care industries as well as agency-side, for brands including Pepsi-Cola, Apple Computer, AT&T and RJ Reynolds.Now a resident of Ft Lauderdale, FL, she is passionate about social media, tennis, consignment shopping, Auburn football and tacos. However, she is not passionate about mopping floors.