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Keep Network Members On Target and On Schedule

SproutLoud’s online Marketing Planner keeps your entire network in the know for all your local marketing plans and schedules, saving everyone from too many emails, phone calls, and misunderstandings. The shared display allows network members to keep marketing programs organized and in-sync.


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Network Campaigns

Campaign management is easy when you can show which marketing programs are available to your local network, which programs your network members are participating in, and even their own independent marketing activities in a single, customizable Marketing Planner.

Give your local marketers a big picture view of all upcoming marketing activities.
plan and coordinate marketing cmapaigns
Local Level Coordination

Your marketing will be more effective if your network members' outbound messaging reinforces your own campaign. Network members can add their own events and activities to their Marketing Planner, allowing them to coordinate their message calendar with yours.

Coordinate national and local messaging for maximum effect
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Help Manage Marketing Spend

Businesses will be more likely to devote their own marketing resources to programs and campaigns where they're not the only ones on the hook for expenses. Highlight key promotions and co-op fund opportunities for your network members, allowing them to more effectively plan and manage their marketing spend, and encouraging them to increase program adoption.

Let local marketers know when co-op fund opportunities are coming up.