set it and forget it
AMP Up Network Member Participation

Let's face it, your network members should be focusing on running their day-to-day operations, not executing expansive marketing programs. Be a hero by offering automated marketing programs that they can sign up for just once and then will run automatically for them.


automated marketing programs
Build Programs for Direct Mail, Email and Social Media

You can build out multi-touchpoint automatic marketing programs in email, direct mail and social media channels to make sure no matter where your network members' customers are, you'll have a way to reach them.

Build programs for direct mail, email and social media.
Offer Network Members Branded Programs

Create multi-touchpoint, branded communications for your network members to customize and broadcast to their customers. Promote your network-wide, product-focused or seasonal campaigns via the Marketing Planner.

Offer branded Programs to your network members.
integrated analytics
Network Engagement Analytics Available in Real Time

See who's in and who's out. View your network enrollment and participation stats as network members sign up, and without a reporting delay.

Network engagement analytics are available in real time.