Manny Perez

Manny Perez is the Manager of Media Buy, the team responsible for developing and sustaining the relationships, media buys, and overall experience of small business owners using the SproutLoud platform. 

Having started at SproutLoud during it's infancy. Manny quickly developed into the role of Manager of the Marketing Assistant team, after a brief time as a Marketing Assistant. He attributes this to his knack for understanding SproutLoud's technology and embracing its "Client's First" attitude.  
At the end of the day Manny is a family man first and is quick to admit the main reasons he enjoys working at SproutLoud is because of how his team members are family to him. Whether its watching his two kids on the soccer field or mentoring team members towards new promotions, its always rewarding for him to see his families growth.

Manager Type: 
Management Team
Employee Title: 
Manager of Media Buy